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Software utilities and documents

In this page we collected some useful materials that can be freely downloaded.

Download Section 

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Ramesh Cleaner
Ramesh Cleaner software

RameshCleaner is a simple and fast tool for fixing triangular 3D meshes acquired with modern 3D scanners. It is fast, efficient and preserves as much as possible the input data. It consists in an effective strategy that iteratively removes some common problems by applying different strategies in an automatic manner.
It is the result of a research conducted by Marco Centin e Alberto Signoroni which led to the pubblication of the paper "RameshCleaner: conservative fixing of triangular meshes", presented at STAG 2015 conference .

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Ramesh Cleaner
STAG 2015 Presentation

 Stag 2015 presentation
This is the presentation of Scan in a Box at STAG 2015.

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STAG 2015 Presentation