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About us

The Company

Open Technologies Srl was founded in 2001, together with a group of other italian companies specialized in Optoelectronics, is part of the Opto-Tech Group. With its almost 15 year experience in designing and producing Structured Light 3D Scanners and in programming their Software, Open Technologies Srl decided to create a device, affordable to any consumer, that would inherit the distinctive features of efficiency and originality of all its products.

Thus creating Scan in a Box!



With this project the Company puts its experience and expertise at the service of all users. Scan in a Box's user friendliness is ideal to consolidate the 3D culture in the industry, where sometimes it is absent or faulty. Open Technologies Srl goal is to get this technology into schools and universities, into training workshops and into any activity related to the use of 3D tech in design and arts, model building and leisure, for makers and enthusiasts looking for fast solutions and to satisfy their curiosity.


High Compatibility

Open Technologies Srl expended its solid experience to create a new complete scanning software: IDEA the Software. IDEA the Software is included in Scan in a Box's bundle and it is the 3D management software that allows to scan, render a digital model of the object and export the output file (triangle mesh) in various formats. Thanks to their high compatibility, Scan in a Box's output files can be imported in many 3rd part software, making it possible for the customer to use the 3D design software that would better fit their needs.


Customer’s Satisfaction

Scan in a Box is an independent product which Open Technologies Srl created and released to be accessible and affordable. Given that one of the priorities of the Company is their customers' satisfaction, Open Technologies Srl chose to invest on the communication between Scan in a Box's staff and all present and future customers, in order not to completely give up tech and customer support. Several interactive tools have been provided to connect as many people as possible into a community that would share and add its experience, to all the available technical and educational material.

Scan in a box's staff is at your service!