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Automatic TurnTable

Automatic TurnTable for Scan in a Box 3D Scanning systems

890,00 €
Unit price excluding VAT/TAX & Shipping: 890,00 €

Take full advantage of Scan in a Box by combining the Automatic TurnTable with the already well-proven IDEA the Software (since version 1.1).

Connect the Automatic Turntable to unlock the new Scan Mode inside IDEA the Software.

Benefit from a total efficiency thanks to the automatic Axis Alignment.

Scan in a Box Automatic TurnTable is an optional accessory, sold separately.

It requires Scan in a Box base kit to run.


Technical Specifications

ATT Dimensions Ø 200 x 65 mm

Box Dimensions 260 x 380 x 85 mm

ATT Weight 1,8 kg

Box Weight 2,6 kg

Object Weight Up to 10 kg

Material Aluminum

Operating Voltage 24 Vdc

Max Operating Current 1000 mA

Supply Voltage Universal, 90~277 Vac

ATT Batch 3D Scan Module Automatically unlock at the first connection

ATT Alignment Automatic Axis Alignment / Manual Alignment

ATT Scanning Time ≤ 4 secs per scan / ≤ 55 secs per 8 scans-360° view


Technical Requirements

Software IDEA the Software versione 1.1 or higher

PC and Operating System As for Scan in a Box requirements

Connectivity X1 USB 2.0



Automatic TurnTable
Calibration Plate and stand
Black Rubber Mat
Power Supply Cable
USB 2.0 A-B cable
Quick Start Guide (hard copy)