IDEA the Software - Trial version

IDEA the software has 30 days FREE trial.USB Idea

When the free trial expires, please send the licence request through the 'Licence Request' contact form, in the CONTACT US section, restricted to registered users.
Scanner's Serial Number and Registration ID (alphanumeric code) are required in order to generate the licence key. This last one will be provided as soon as possible by Scan in a Box's Staff, upon check of scanner's purchase.
In case of missing data, the Staff may contact users to ask for further information.

The received licence key must be validated in IDEA the Software to keep living the 3D scanning experience.

The License is bound to the Computer itself. In case of Computer replacement, REMEMBER TO DESTROY the License (check the FAQ and the FORUM to find out how to do it) before dismissing the old one. As soon as IDEA is fully installed on the new Computer, please fill in the Licence Request form, as previously done, adding the Destroy Code.



Titel Erstellt Datei
IDEA the Software 1.1 ENG



IDEA the Software Release 1.1 SR8

FREE DOWNLOAD - 30 days trial

For more Infos about System Requirements, Features, Specific Tools check the Product Detail Page

What's New

- New splash screen! and new icons

- Full compatibility with the Automatic Turntable

- Full compatibility with Windows 10 (64bit)

- New features on Hole Fixing and better algorithm

-Improved Triangular Decimation algorithm ... and much more!




Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018 IDEA the Software 1.1 ENG