Example projects

Here you will find some 3d scans done with Scan in a Box with several field of view and afterward aligned with our software IDEA.

Following attachment include:

  • fully Idea's project, useful to try Idea's functionality such as Alignment, Mesh Generation and Mesh Editing.
    You can only open project's file with our software.
  • mesh in .ply format, easily importable either in our program Idea or in many 3D modeling programs.

IDEA can be dowloaded with a 30 days trial license. 



  1. Download the compressed file and extract it on your hard disk.

  2. Import .ply file either in our program Idea or in many 3d modeling programs that allow you to import this extension. If you are about to open one of our down-loadable project, open Idea and click on second button on left “Open Project”, chose the folder where you previously have extracted that compressed file and open .optnprj file (exclusive Idea's file format).

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