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What happens if I close IDEA the Software without closing the “optical head”?
If you close the program without closing the optical head, there aren't any harmful consequences to the scanner.

I've disconnected one of Scan in a box's electronic components by mistake. What happens?
Disconnecting one of Scan in a box's electronic components doesn't lead to any damage to the scanner. In the worst case scenario it leads to a software's crash.

I don't have enough USB ports to connect Scan in a Box to my computer. Can i use an USB HUB?
It's possible to connect the scanner to a USB HUB as long as it's a powered HUB. Not powered HUBs are not recommend because they might cause delay or instability in the computer-camera connection.

After I connected the scanner I can't open the Optical Head because its icon is grey. Why?
If the Optical head icon is not active, it's likely that some scanner's component isn't connected properly. It's suggested to check all the hardware connection and eventually unplug and connect back each cable, one by one. If after this procedure you still have the same problem, check “Tools” menu of the software the command “Test connection”. This command will identify any problem both hardware and software. Once the problem is identified proceed operating on the relevant component.

After checking the scanner's connection, and the “Test connection” gave a positive output, I cannot open the optical head because the icon is grey. Why?
This problem can be related to a Windows configuration. Open “Screen Resolution” and check if “small – 100%” is configured in the menu “Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays”.
Changing this setting implicates to temporarily disconnect from windows to make applied.
If after this procedure you still have the same problem open a bug report in the specific forum's section.

After opening IDEA the Software and pressing “Start Calibration” or “3D scan” the software crashes. How can I fix this problem?
This issue can be related to a camera-computer connection overloaded. We advise you to:
- open the camera manager control panel “IdsCameraManager.exe” by looking it up in this directory c:\windows\system32;
- select “Additional functions”. Check “Disable” to both CPU Idle states
- modify “Bulk transfer size” from 512kb to 128kb
- do not restart the computer yet. Open windows Control Panel and follow this path: ControlPanel\Hardware and Sound\Power Option. Change it to “High performance”.
- open “Change plan settings” menu and select “Change advanced power settings”. Look for “USB settings” open the “USB selective suspend settings” and disable those option.
- Now reboot the computer.

If after this procedure you still have the same problem open a bug report in the specific forum's section.

After connecting the Scan in a Box's hdmi cable to the computer, the desktop is not on the monitor anymore. Why? What happened?
It might happens that the projector, connected with an HDMI cable, is identified as main display (ASUS S1). To control if this is the case, point the scanner to the wall and check if it projects the “original” desktop.
In order to work properly monitors must be set up in “Screen Resolution” like this:

- “Multiple displays” → Extend desktop to this display
- select your main monitor and check the box “Make this my main display”.

How do I connect the scanner to the computer?
The scanner is connected to the computer through 2 USB port (cameras connection), the projector is connected with an HDMI Cable.

What's inside the Box when I order Scan in a Box?
You will find “here” what is included in the Scan in a box's packaging.

My scanner's broken, what can I do?
Every scanner has 24 months warranty for not company users, and 12 in the other case.
Whenever it happens go to and fill out that form.
Write in the Subject field RMA , remember to attach something that prove you bought it (invoice etc) otherwise this inquiry WILL NOT be accounted. We will send you a file that must be completely filled in that you need to send back to us.
Once our technician has evaluated the problem you will receive an authorization to scanner's shipment, or whether the problem is not attributed to a hardware component you will be contacted by us for a software solution. The address to shipped is: Via Matteotti 161/163A – Rezzato (BS) Italy label it with:“Scan in a box, [RMA NUMBER]” provided with a copy of a RMA. Every shipment without a previous agreement WILL NOT be accepted and therefore sent back to sender.

Windows/MAC? (Does the scanner work both on Macs and Windows)
The scanner only works on Windows.

How can i pay for my order?
Payment can be done either with credit or debit card.


Why is it important to make the optical setup?
It is important to define the scanning area, the position and orientation of the cameras and their focus.

What is the work distance of a scan?
The work distance is defined based on the scanning area. In Table 1 of the manual: "relationship between scanning area and distance" are described the equivalences between distance and working area.

How can I chose the acquisition field for the object I have to scan?
Based on the object's dimension, the area of work goes from a minimum of 100x80mm to a maximum of 500x400mm. For instance [LINK ALLA MESH DI HULKHOGAN] has been scanned with a working area of 200x160mm and its dimensions are: length 210mm, height 310mm and 80mm of depth.

Can I use a preset work area (Table 1 of the manual)?
No, it's not possible. Chose a scanning area as close as possible to the desired one.

If the object is too big with respect to the maximum acquisition field?
Do partial scans dividing the object in various parts trying to acquire some "features" that the parts have in common to consequently align them, establishing as a limit a field 5 to10 times bigger than the maximum scanning field (5000mm).

What are the consequences of a poor/approximate optical set up?
The scanner's performance would not be optimal: the dimensions of the scanned object would not correspond to the original and the scans could have defects or rough areas.

What if the cameras are moved by mistake after the optical setup?
The optical setup will have to be carried out again.

When is it appropriate to calibrate (9 images) and when to re-calibrate (3images)?
The 9 images calibration should be carried out (apart from the first time the scanner is calibrated) all the times the optical setup of the scanner is changed. On the other hand, if this is kept fixed, the re-calibration must be carried out if the dimensions of the scanned object appear to be imprecise.

Can I also calibrate the scanner with a Master which is not the one provided with Scan in a Box?
No, it's not possible. Some characteristics of our system (such as the work areas, calibration master) have been studied specifically fir our product. Change these parameters could cause issues leading to a INCORRECT scan.

What are the consequences of an approximate calibration?
If the calibration is poor the dimensions of the object will appear distorted. This causes measuring issues concerning the object's dimensions and issues regarding the alignment of the scans.

During the calibration process, between one image and another I noticed a number of markers that were not acquired, what does that entail?
That would entail a NOT optimal calibration of the scanner, leading to errors in the accuracy of the model to acquire.

The Calibration Master's surface is ruined. What does this implicate?
In order to have a correct calibration the Calibration Master must be intact. If there're visible imperfections of the surface, there are bumb that are caused by the humidity or some markers are missing, the custumer will have a not optimal calibration.
On the other hand if the one or more central marker are missing the calibration will fail.
We strongly advice to use the master carefully and put it back on its bag. Do not place on it anything that can scratch its surface. The Calibration Master is absolutely not suited to be used as working plane.

The Calibration Master broke. Should I get rid of it or I can still use it?
The Calibration Master is essential for the correct scanner operation. If the plexiglass plane is completely broken the master can't calibrate the scanner and it must be replaced. If the master is broken in one or more angle, it can be used as long as the 3 central markers are intact. There is always the chance that the corner acquisition is falsified and it may generate errors. It's advised to replace the Calibration master in order to have better results .

I tried to scan an object. The result obtained is a range image with points badly organized in space so the 3d object looks like to the scanned model, but barely recognizable and deformed. What happened?
With this result it's likely that the cameras were reversed . It's advised to check on the cameras' stand if the CAM.01 and CAM.02 signs matches with the one on the aluminium bar. If it's not the case you must put the cameras in the right position and calibrate the scanner afterwards.

I'm about to use Scan in a Box again, after an inactivity period. Do I have to calibrate the scanner again before I scan?
It doesn't need to be re-calibrated if It was kept assembled with a per-configurated set-up.
You must calibrate the scanner if it was disassembled or in some way the camera's position or the optical set-up changed

If I move by mistake the scanner or I tilt it do I threaten what I've done so far?
The scanner can be moved without threatening the calibration procedure, in fact we suggest to take the most of the tripod's movement. Remember to keep the right distance between the object and the projector during the scan

I moved the cameras or changed the projector focus, should I re-calibrate the scanner?
If you close firmly and in the right position the cameras and projector you don't have to worry about it. Scan in a box's technology needs the scanner's re-calibration only if you change the field of view or if you un-assemble it.


I closed IDEA the software without saving the project. How could i recover my work?
The software saves automatically during alignment and mesh generation. We advise you to save the project once you start working.

I bought Scan in a box, copied the IDEA the software installer from the USB to the computer and installed the program, but this not work. What should I do?
IDEA the software must be installed directly from the USB dongle, in this way some essential file (such as scanner's configuration) will be copied in a Windows' directory. If you tried to install the software by copying the file on the computer, it will be needed to run the installation procedure again from the USB, overwriting the one already on the computer.

After I downloaded IDEA the software from the website, I installed the program but it doesn't work. What should I do?
If you have any trouble with IDEA the software Trial Version make sure that the computer fulfills the minimum requirements. If that's not the case and you still have problems visit the forum section “Bug Report” and look up if other customer had the same issue. Otherwise open a bug report topic, Scan in a box's team will asnwer you quickly.

Do I need an external program to edit the mesh generated from the range images?
Inside Idea, once generated the mesh, you will be able to use numerous features to edit it. Click here for the manual.

What is the file format once acquired the images and generated the triangle mesh?
The file's extensions are: .STL, .PLY, .OBJ and .OM.

Can I import the final file in a 3D printer?
Yes you will be able to import .STL and .OBJ files to a 3D printer.

What are the minimal technical requisites to use the scanner and the "Idea" program?
Look up all the minimal requisites to use our products here


The image acquires too little/too much, what can I change in the settings?
Try modifying the "acquisition settings " ( and regulate the "surface color" and "Exposition" parameters.

The scan looks like orange peel and/ or presents defects on its surface, how can I improve it?
Block possible accidental movements the object could make during the scan. Check the stability of the scanner, and possible interferences from the scanned object; try increasing the exposition time; check the projector focus.

The object appears to be deformed with respect to the original/is out of scale, what should I do?
Recalibrate the scanner (3 images).

During the scan I capture some details that are not inherent with the object I am scanning.
Remove from the acquisition area possible objects or materials that could be acquired by mistake. If the scanned surface is not black or is highly reflective put a black surface under the object to scan.

The color of the texture is completely different from the color of the object I am scanning.
It's necessary to balance the colors of the cameras. It can be done launching Idea and selecting in the acquisition toolbar (Bordeaux) the button Auto set color balance. Clicking on this link [link canale youtube] you will find a tutorial that explains how to use this feature.


I bought Scan in a Box but I can't find IDEA the software licence. How can I get it?
IDEA the software's license is provided with the USB dongle. Once you installed the software from the USB driver, if the USB driver is still connected to the computer USB port, the software will identify the unlimited license provided with the scanner purchase

How can I transfer my license on a new computer?
You just need to connect the USB dongle to the new computer and install the software (procedure described on the “Quickstart gude”. The license is connected to the USB dongle, so once you installed the program IDEA the software will identify the license that is on the USB.

You can't find the answer you were looking for?
You can ask your question on our forum, chose the proper forum's section for it. Before posting it, make sure that other users didn't already post it. Once you published it, it will be answered as soon as possible.


I bought the product and I need the invoice, where should I find it?
All Scan in a box invoices are emitted by Open Technologies S.r.l. . If you need it, fill out this form. You will received it at the specified e-mail address. The telematic invoice replaces the hardcopy forward

I can't find my country in the list during the registration, why?
We ship our scanner all over the world. The country list is made of those country in which is guaranteed the shipment after you bough the scanner. If a country is not there it doesn't mean that the order can't be automatically generated from the e-commerce portal with that destination. In this case we invite you to contact us directly in order to create a customized order.

How should I register ?
Contact us and we will active your user, so you can take advantage of scan in a box services and reserved areas

How do I purchase the product?
Contact us in order to have a customized quotation