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TOPIC: UV mapping / export vertex colors

UV mapping / export vertex colors 3 years 9 months ago #147

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IDEA has the ability to export colors but not to a separate texture file, so in cases that we need to edit/modify/fix the texture this cannot be done directly. and even if in future versions we get this feature, there are anyway certain scenarios that we would prefer a user controlled uv mapping

an example is the dino1 from here which had some color issues

the workflow i follow to have a nice editable texture out of the vertex color, is the following:

first of all this is where we begin from. color scan with some color differences from the original toy

1. we load the obj at zbrush and we decimate it (<100k or else UV Master may crash)

2. we divide the object in polygroups depending on the geometry so that there are clean islands for the uv mapping (the example here is not optimal, i just did a quick run) Certain areas may be needed uniform, so judging by the edits we require we may choose a different route

3. using UV Master plugin, we unwrap the model using the Polygroups setting.

4. this is what we get if we see the map laid flat

5. we export the obj file (for example as dino_uv.obj). This also creates an .mtl file but no texture yet. If we open it with meshlab we get an error that there is no texture (we already know that :p )

this is how it looks like

6. at the same meshlab window we open the original dino.obj which has the vertex color

7. We use the filter "Transfer vertex attributes to texture"

using the dino.obj as source and the dino_uv.obj as target. We can also set the dimensions of the texture depending on the detail we have

this will create the dino_uv.png file

8. we save the dino_uv file as a new obj file (important: untick the vert color box)

9. using photoshop or any other image editor we tweak the texture file as needed (color, white balance, hue/saturation, sharpness, even adding or removing details) and overwrite the old one

10. DONE :)

if for any reason we need to transfer again the corrected colors/texture as vertex info, then:

1. we use filter "texture to vertex color"

2. we save as new obj with only the vert color ticked
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UV mapping / export vertex colors 3 years 9 months ago #150

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Hi Voudas,
thanks for sharing your workflow on the forum, I'm sure this could be useful for other people that use Scan in a Box!
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