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TOPIC: Forum rules and guidelines

Forum rules and guidelines 4 years 11 months ago #2

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Please maintain a friendly tone at all times towards other forum members and all other parties on these forums.
A constructive approach especially on controversial topics guarantees a productive and enjoyable discussion for everyone.
If you are unfamiliar with online communities, please consider reading about "Netiquette" before posting:
In general, please treat other people on this forum as you would like to be treated yourself.


All the forums are categorized by topics. Please post your questions or messages in the appropriate forum.
If a topic is posted in a forum that is not appropriate for the question, the staff has the right to move that topic to another better suited forum.
The posting of any copyrighted material on our web site is strictly prohibited.
There will be no use of profanity on our message boards. This will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension.
There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discriminations. This will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension.
There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. This includes flaming or instigating arguments.
Spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible.
Pornography, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.
No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures.
If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.
Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit, offensive, or copyrighted.
Advertisements, of any sort, are not permitted. This includes member names and links to commercial sites in Signatures, or in posts.
Please use the search functions, at the top right of each page, to find your answers. If you are still having problems, feel free to post your question.


In this forum is active a passive moderation: every forum's post written by users is immediately published and its content isn't verified by moderators/administrator.
Moderators are forum's users who are given access to specific functionality to manage scan in a box forum and it's messages. They can:

- modify messages' contents
- close an open topic or open a closed one
- partially or completely move a topic to a more suitable forum category
- directly take action (suspension/ban) against users.

Any behavior uncompliant with forum's regulation must be pointed out to the moderators

Any users who don't follow this rules will be banned or suspended according to moderators/administrator belief

User's sanction

For suspension it's intended the action of blocking a user's access to the forum for a variable period of time according to the kind of infraction. Whereas a ban is a permanent block without any possibility to reactivat that account. Scan in a box's moderator has full power to chose which disciplinary sanction to apply whether ban or suspension according to :
-what kind of attitude was carried on- Seriousness of the committed action
- previous user's behavior
- user's previous comments
- how the moderator reacts toward the user's comment: same type of behavior may lead to two different sanction (more or less suspension days or whether to apply a ban or just a suspension).
Moreover users who post: political or argumentative treads, spam, unapproved advertising ,propaganda etc will be immediately banned.

Authorities which demand information about users who allegedly held illegal behavior will be provided with Open Technologies' CEO's help to identify them.
Once a user is suspended he can't create another account during the suspension's time.

Where this to occur, the above mentioned new account will be banned and the user main account's suspension time will be increased or even banned.

The suspended user can log in Scan in a Box's forum, send and receive private messages and read any discussion without actively participating .
Any offensive behavior held during suspension's time such as sending threatening messages/swearing etc. can lead up to a definitive ban.
The ban is a disciplinary action which is applied in a specific case, at moderator's discretion, and implies both user's and person's ban.
Where the moderators to become aware that a banned person created a new user account, the new account will be immediately banned, regardless of the current behavior of the user.
Suspended/banned users can request their account deletion. This,however, will happen only after we inquire whether the suspension or ban wasn't applied due to illegal behavior :
keeping the account active can help authorities retrieving useful information on wrongdoers, whether they demand it.

User Profile, avatar and signature

Any links in signatures or profiles cannot be commercial in nature or they will be removed.
You may not put links in your signature soliciting donations.
Multiple links to the same site, unless for a very specific reason, are not permitted in a signature and will be removed.
Linking to hate, racist, pornography, warez, or other illegal sites is not permitted.
Links in your signature must be unobtrusive and can not use formatting so that attention is brought to them.
Members can not be email addresses. This rule is in place to protect you from spam bots who will pick up your email address and spam you.
Members may have only one account on this forum. There is no need to have more than one.
Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.
The maximum allowed avatar size is 2048Kbyte. Images related to pornography, violence and racism are not permitted and will be deleted by moderators.

Terms and Conditions

Violation of any of these rules can lead to a banning of the user from our Web Site and a deletion of their account. The consequences will be determined by the Staff on a case by case basis.
When posting you agree that the administrators and the moderators of this forum has the right to modify, delete, edit or close any topic, signature, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit.
If you have any questions concerning this, please do not start a new thread, but rather private message to an administrator or moderator.

Acknowledgement forum's guideline

When registering to this forum one fully accepts its regulation. This is constantly updated in order to enhance forum's contents and to guarantee a users' friendly development. Every rule's modification is agreed upon by the users each time they connect to the forum and create new content.
It's strongly recommended to periodically check for any forum regulation update. Each variation or integration is meant to enhance customer's experience and to improve scan in a box's community.
Our forum is based on Kunena technologies. Kunena is a Joomla! Exstension and it's release by Kunena project under GLPv3 licence. It's originated from other works released under GNU General Pulic License. Kunena and Kunena's logo are Kunena Project Joomla! trade mark. Joomla! Is a Open source Matters. trademark


All above mentioned and collected data is stored through electronic media. One can request the deletion of the data at any moment, through the following steps. All data is handled by the company, by its associates and employees that were assigned and/or appointed to treat the data, having formerly been instructed and informed on the matter. All data treatment is licit and correct, for established, explicit and legitimate purpose, which regards its means.
We hereby inform that providing data is necessary to fulfill the requested services: absence of provision as well as partial or incorrect provision of data will prevent the punctual supply of the service. One can refer to one's rights as in art. 7Del D.Legs. n. 196/2003, addressing Open Technologies srl, responsible for the treatment, - registered office in via Matteotti 161/163A – 25086 Rezzato (BS) Italy
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