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Scan in a Box - Glossary

Bounding box

It's the smallest enclosing box containing a set of points.

Calibration Master

The calibration master is a surface on which there's a pattern of markers which coordinates are know with high precision. The scan system uses this known points during the calibration procedure in order to define its internal parameters.

Clusters of points

They're bunches of points that usually don't belong to the main model.

Frame rate

It's the frequency of frames capture or reproduction.


A mesh is a set of vertices, edges or faces that defines an object shape in the 3D computer graphic and in the solid modelling. The faces are made of triangles, quadrilateral or other convex polygon. It's a continuos surface representation of an object surface.

Mesh generation tolerance

It's the maximum deviation that is allowed in the procedure of mesh generation between the obtained surface and the points of the scan.


It's the residual and undesired disturb on the scanned surface.

Optical Head

It's a set of essential parts of a scan system. It's usually composed of a system that project a pattern (projector) and devices that acquire images (cameras). In the case of Scan in a Box the optical head is made of a projector and two cameras mounted on a dedicated stand.


They're isolated points that doesn't belong to the main digital model.

Point Cloud

It's an unordered set of 3d point characterized by the their position in a coordinate system and by other optional associated values such as normals or colors. It's a discrete rapresentation, therefore not "continuos" of the object's surface. The high amount of point acquired by the 3d scanner can be rapresented by a Point Cloud.

Range center

It's the center of the scanner working volume.

Range Image - Depth Image

The Range Image are a special class of digital images: every image pixel represents the distance between a known reference and a visiable point into the scene. As every digital image the information, in this case the points coordinate, are arranged into a matrix. This makes explicit the point space organization. The organization achieved in this way is the substantial difference between Range Image and Point cloud.


It's a bidimensional image that is applied to the faces of a polygonal three dimensional model. The textures are used in any 3D modellation case that requires a visible feature and color or drawing on the surfaces, such as videogames, 3D animation or in the movies. The textures make the model more realistic because produce a visual result that seems to have more richness than could otherwise be achieved with a limited number of polygons.