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The ultimate 3D Scanner

Scan in a Box-FX is the best structured light scanner in its category. Fast, reliable, precise and extremely versatile, thanks to its reconfigurable structure, it quickly captures a high resolution, color-coded 3d model.


Accurately manufactured in every detail, Scan in a Box-FX offers Top Class performances and professionalism, representing the leading 3D Scanner for its technology and in its market segment.

The Made in Italy design has been structurally optimized to grant consistence and greater stability to the systems. The new dedicated components offer a more fluid, fast, and simplified scan experience.

Scan In A Box-Fx systems is completed with new powerful Software tools and exclusive accessories, which ensure stunning quality results.


Scan in a Box-FX is designed for advanced users and companies that are looking for the best performance to save time and precious resources. This target is now achievable thanks to the refined and dedicated hardware, combined with the state-of-the-art 3D Scanning Technology.

Scan in a Box-FX scans in less than 2 seconds, dropping down the time requested for a complete digitization of an object, taking advantage of the new high quality Usb 3.0 connections, the industrial cameras and the HD projector,

Fast, accurate, reliable and concrete: Scan in a Box-FX is an trusted brand for all the enterprises who need the latest technology in the perspective of their digital transformation and progress.


Developed to cooperate in the most efficient way with Scan in a Box-FX, IDEA the Software is the 3D Scanning and Modelling software which allows to create a complete 360 degree digital model, without topological errors in the mesh geometry.

Recognized as the best 3D Scanning software in its category by a wide users’ base, IDEA The Software reaches a new level with the FX version: the module of additional tools to gain full control on the processing time and on the data manipulation in every step, until the file exportation for subsequent operations.

The User-Friendly and intuitive interface, with icons in different colors, guides into a linear and smooth user experience, exploiting all the power of Scan in a Box-Fx systems.


Scan in a Box-FX collects all the well known features of its product line and adds up a new range of solutions expending the potential. Functional and reconfigurable, the 3D Scanner is carefully conceived to reach the top performances.

Scan in a Box-FX is a versatile machine that can be adapted for every application needed.

Technical specifications

Resolution / CamerasScanning FieldsScanning Working DistancePrecision / Accuracy
from 0,062 mm to 0,375 mm
USB 3.0 / Sensor 2 Mpx
reconfigurable from 100 x 75 mm to 600 x 480 mm from 190 mm to 1355 mm 0,04 mm*
Texture / Colour Data Export File Formats Scanning Time Projector
available, included Mesh: OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF / Point Cloud: ASC ~ 2 secs per scan 1280 x 800 LED 450 Lumen



Rigid Case